Things You Didn't Know About Square Dancing, About Square Dancing
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Things I Bet You Don't Know About Square Dancing

Who square dances?
All sorts of people. Singles, college students, teenagers, senior citizens, and everyone in between. There are thousands of square dance clubs in the US, Canada, and throughout the world.

Don't square dancers dress funny?
Absolutely. We usually wear jeans and western shirts, or full skirts and lots of petticoats. The dress is based on the traditions of the dance, but has been updated over the years. But don't feel you have to get a new wardrobe, new dancers are urged to just "dress comfortably".

Do I have to listen to country music all the time?
Yep. Such country greats as Aretha Franklin and the Beatles! We dance to a wide variety of music, from country, to traditional folk, to show tunes, to 60's rock and roll, to disco. I'll bet you never knew people square dance to "Pink Cadillac", did you?

Isn't square dancing just for old people?
Yes. Very young people do not square dance; you have to at least be able to walk.

I don't have a partner. Is that a problem?
No, many square dance clubs have single members; but, there is a shortage of men on the dance floor, so a partner cannot always be guaranteed. If you do have a partner, bring him or her along!

Is square dancing good exercise?
This is a common misconception. To keep it from being too healthful, we take breaks, socialize, and eat goodies. In spite of this, you should wear what you would wear for some vigorous walking; comfortable shoes or boots are a must. Square dancing is not the best way to break in a new pair of boots.

What if I don't like it?
We're "so sure" you'll have a good time, we offer this special double your money­back guarantee: if you don't enjoy yourself, we'll refund twice what you paid for the first two weeks.

How much does it cost?
The first few nights are usually free. After that, dancing averages $3 to $5 a night, depending on the club and area. It's much cheaper than a night out at the movies!

I'm sold! Where do I sign up?
Beginner groups are usually formed several times each year. New dancers can enjoy dancing with these groups, while learning the steps and moves. These groups usually meet on a weeknight, from 7:30 to 9:30.  To find a night and location convenient to you, check the Western Square Dancing pages, or other Square Dance pages, for a group near you, or drop us an email.