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Single Square Dancers USA
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What is Single Square Dancers, USA (SSDUSA)?
Single Square Dancers USA, or SSDUSA, is a national organization of square dance clubs for solos and solo dancers, which was established to promote and stimulate interest in square dancing among unmarried adults of all ages.

How is SSDUSA organized?
SSDUSA is a nonprofit corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of Oklahoma. The Board of Directors, known as the Executive Board, is comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and eight Regional Directors. The officers serve one-year terms and are elected annually at the national SSDUSA convention, which is held each year in conjunction with the Singles Dance-A-Rama.

Who may join SSDUSA?
Any unmarried square dancer who is 18 years of age or older may become an individual member, and any singles-oriented square dance club or organizations may become a member club.

What are the objectives of the SSDUSA?
SSDUSA's objective is to promote and stimulate square dancing among unmarried dancers throughout the USA by:

Furnishing assistance to any group wishing to start a new single's square dance club in their locality.
Publishing a newsletter called the Intercom four times a year to keep singles aware of activities and opportunities; this newsletter is mailed to all member clubs and individual members of SSDUSA
Furnishing representation on education panels and festival committees to enhance the status of the single square dancer.
Awarding the Frank Norris Yellowrock Scholarship each year to new callers and/or cuers.
Promoting and overseeing the Dance-A-Rama, a national singles' festival held each year over the Labor Day weekend and hosted by a member club in a different city of the U.S. Recent Dance-A-Ramas have been held in Minneapolis, MN, (1998), St Louis, MO (1999), Tulsa, OK (2000) and Arlington, TX (2001), Richmond, VA (2002), Albuquerque, NM (2003), Atlanta, GA (2004), and Columbus, OH (2005). Rochester, NY (2006), N. Little Rock, AR (2007), Nashville, TN (2008), Davenport (Quad Cities) Iowa (2009), Alexandria, VA (2010), Indianapolis, IN (2011), Des Moines, Iowa (2012), St. Louis, MO (2013), Portland, OR (2014), Grand Rapids, MI (2015), Alexandria, VA (2016) and Little Rock, Arkansas again in 2017. This year we will be in Indianapolis, Indiana (Link)

Who are the officers of SSDUSA? Officer terms run from Dance-A-Rama to Dance-A-Rama. They are elected at a general membership meeting held Saturday afternoon of the Dance-A-Rama.


Where will the next Labor Day Singles Dance-A-Rama be held and from whom may I get information?

  We have a special page to answer this. This year we will be in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 30 to September 2, 2018 — (

SSDUSA Membership applications can be printed below, or you can click here for a .pdf version, or click here for a Microsoft Word copy.                                                                         

SSDUSA Individual Membership Application

State: Zip:
Phone: Email:
Annual Dues $6.00 9 x 9 SSDUSA Embroidered Patch $12
Membership Badge $5.00  
Make checks payable to SSDUSA,
mail to:
Ailene Picheco, 345 Hula Circle, Merritt Island, FL 32952,


SSDUSA Club Membership Application

Name of club:
Number of members:
Contact Name:
State: Zip:_______________
Phone: Email:________________________
Club Website:
Annual Dues: $10 per year for clubs up to 50 members (1 club delegate)
$15 per year for clubs with 51-100 members (2 club delegates)
$20 per year for clubs with 101 or more members (3 club delegates)
Delegate names:
Please check one:  New membership ______      Renewal _____
If renewal and address has changed, please include old address.
Make checks payable to SSDUSA,
mail to:
Ailene Picheco, 345 Hula Circle, Merritt Island, FL 32952

For more information on SSDUSA, you can drop us an email.