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What is a Dance-A-Rama, you asked?  It's the official name of the dance weekend also known as the Single's National.  Each year hundreds of single square dancers gather in a different city for 4 days of dancing fun. The Dance-A-Rama always happens over Labor Day weekend.  Dancers from all over the U.S.A., and a few from other countries, get together to make new friends, renew old acquaintances, to have a good time, and yes, to dance!   Attendance the last few years has ranged between 500 and 1200 singles. 

Dancing usually begins with a "Trail In" dance on Thursday night.   This is hosted by the local club, or the organization hosting the weekend.   Friday morning the "official" dancing begins, usually at 10 AM.  The Dance-A-Rama runs for 3 full days, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  Each day the dancing kicks off around 10 AM, and runs until 11 PM, with breaks for lunch and dinner.   Don't think the fun stops at 11!  That's when the parties begin.  There are usually planned "after" parties each night.  There may be a DJ, or a live band, or maybe even some more Square Dancing.  Each year the program is a little different.

Rochester, NY was the home for Dance-A-Rama in 2006, North Little Rock, Arkansas hosted the dancers in 2007 also ten years later in 2017, 2008 found 675 dancers in "Music City", Nashville, TN. The 2009 Dance-A-Rama was held in the Quad Cities of Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa, and Moline and Rock City, Illinois. The Nation's Capital was the target for 2010 as the dancers gathered in Alexandria, VA. 2011 saw everyone racing to Indianapolis, Indiana for "Slip The Clutch in Indy". Des Moines, Iowa was the setting for the 42nd Dance-A-Rama in 2012. St Louis, MO, was the Gateway to Dancing in 2013. In 2014 the Dancers were all Promenading to the Pacific, in Portland, Oregon. A grand time was had in 2015 as the dancers gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 2016 found us in Alexandria, VA for the 46th Dance-A-Rama. We stayed at the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel in North Little Rock, Arkansas for 2017

Where's the next one?  In 2018 we'll be in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out the website for details, Convention. You can also contact the DANCE-A-RAMA 2018 Co-Chairpersons, Ron Holland, 615-268-3797 or John Cook, 765-215-5924